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Gulp Data has conducted thousands of data valuations and helped companies identify hundreds of millions of dollars in data revenue.
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Gulp valuations are automated, reliable, and completed in days

Gulp Data has conducted thousands of data valuations and helped companies identify and generate hundreds of millions of dollars from their data

Determining the market value of your data enables you to...

Quantify your data monetization opportunity

Pinpoint and articulate the financial potential of your data assets.

Know how to productize your data

Learn exactly which data products you should create to meet the maximum amount of market demand. Combine our enrichment recommendations to magnify the value of your products.

Understand the buyer landscape

Identify high-potential buyers for your data products. Buyer landscape includes multiple end-markets based on various data product concepts across all industries.
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How it’s packaged


Peer scores provide a quality score based on features, depth, age, and overall performance of dataset against other analyzed sets.

Market backed algorithm

Gulp Machine Learning models provide current market comp value of your data assets. We identify attribute-level value drivers.

Revenue and cost models

Estimate the cost of creating, maintaining, and/or obtaining similar data.
How it works

Valuing your data provides conviction for monetization initiatives

Valuations are fast, secure, and require limited company resources

Quick survey

Complete a ~5 minute survey covering your business model and data environment.

Data Valuation

Using our client side app, we determine dataset health, quality, value and monetization potential. Your data remains 100% in your environment throughout the entire valuation process.

Data Valuation & Productization Report

Our 40+ page reports are completed in days, quickly providing you with conviction and clarity on the next steps of your data monetization journey.

We are Revolutionizing Data Valuations

Legacy Services Model

Time Intensive

Process involves numerous team members across your company, typically taking 3+ months and hundreds of hours.


Financial investment is often $200,000+ before any ROI is realized. Misaligned incentives to justify billable hours are rampant.

Retrospective and Theoretical

Historically, data valuations rarely translate into concrete, actionable steps. Legacy approaches rely on historical information (e.g., amount invested, relative value attributed) that does not represent current or future value.

Gulp Data's Approach


ML-driven process that determines the market value of a company’s data in under a week.

Conviction to Invest

Get market value and path to monetization before investing significant time or capital. Valuation includes actionable insights related to enrichments and prospective buyers for data products, getting all executive stakeholders on board.

Bankable Valuation → Self-Funding Data Platform

Market comps are based on hundred of thousands of data products. Valuations are underwritable - Gulp Data lends based on the value of data assets - enabling companies to create a self-funding data platform.
Infrastructure Partners

Our tools run on your platform where your data lives

Your data stays in your environment throughout the valuation process.
Our technology works with leading infrastructure platforms.