Data Monetization

Establish new revenue streams with your data

Our Data as a Service solution makes it easy for companies to generate high-margin revenue, even if they have never sold data before.
Dataserver with money
How it works

Identifying Value,
Unleashing net new Revenue

A Seamless Journey from Data Valuation to Monetization with Gulp Data

Data Valuation & Product Recommendations

Post data valuation, Gulp adds anonymized information about your datasets to our data catalog. Data Buyers from all industries are actively engaged with Gulp's catalog and all interested parties are vetted ahead of time.

Matchmaking via Targeted Outreach

Through its extensive network, Gulp amplifies awareness about datasets to potential buyers. We track data trends and incorporate product recommendations into your valuation report - ensuing your datasets will be primed to command top price when they go to market.

Data Monetization as a Service

Gulp Data manages the monetization process, encompassing listing, sampling, and data sharing, ensuring a smooth experience for both data owners and buyers.

Establish New Revenue Streams

Receive your first data monetization dollar. Continue to enhance your datasets and launch new products to expand revenue potential.

Why Choose Gulp Data: Your Catalyst for Data Monetization

In a rapidly expanding data economy, Gulp stands out as a distinctive ally, bringing unparalleled expertise, transparency, and a strong buyer network to turn your datasets into highly profitable assets.

Proven Success

Gulp Data has a rich history of monetizing data for a diverse clientele, spanning different maturity levels and industries. Our track record speaks to our capability to unlock the monetary value hidden in your data.

Value-Driven Partnerships

Our revenue share model is designed with aligned incentives at its core. We thrive when you thrive, ensuring the value delivered always outweighs the cost, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

Robust Buyer Network

With Gulp Data, accelerate your speed to revenue by tapping into our extensive network of data buyers. We engage the highest potential buyers for your dataset, significantly shortening the time it takes to start seeing returns on your data assets.
Choosing Gulp Data means turning your data from just a byproduct to a valuable asset, all through a tailored, efficient, and ethical approach.
Data Server with data products and money generated.