For Borrowers

Fast, Dilution-Free Funding by Leveraging your Data

With Gulp, a copy of your data is used to borrow money without giving up equity.
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How it works

It all starts with three simple steps

Screening survey

Take a 5-minute survey to share basic information about your business to qualify. We weigh multiple metrics like vertical, client profiles, and user base to determine your loan readiness.

Submit a sample

Submit a random representative sample of your dataset. We'll also need metadata, including total size, type of data, and age.

Financial Review

Complete a quick and easy financial review to fulfill our KYC requirements.

Get an Offer

We'll present a loan offer based on the value of your data.

Why Gulp Data

Elevated Dataset

Gulp Data recognizes your data as an asset

Unlike other sources of funding, we know your data has value. We can help you unlock it. Use it as collateral for your loan - we make a secure, temporary copy that is held in escrow and released once you're done.
Money with a hook and a 25% interest

Average rates are high, but you're way above average

Interest on conventional venture debt compounds at up to 25% annually and often contains rights that can be damaging to your organization. Gulp Data provides the capital you need now, at a lower cost, and without the hooks.
Frienly Terms Illustration

Borrower-friendly terms keep you in control

Raising capital often costs more than money. Gulp Data ensures you keep your equity and your board seats.
Streamlined process with data, checks and a cash check

A streamlined process to borrow money quickly

Financing rounds of all sizes can take up to 6 months to close, plundering management focus just when seas are roughest. We aim to close loans with minimal touch points and in less than two weeks.
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How We Treat Your Data

Onboarding and handling of the data sample.

To provide a fair estimate of your dataset's value, we need a sample before an offer can be made. This data is submitted after the qualification survey through our secure "Gulp Data Valuation" app. The subset should be large enough to be representative of the full dataset and shouldn't be cherry-picked. We will also request that you describe the data with qualitative and quantitative information such as age, completeness, total size, type of data, and any other relevant identifiers you feel are important.
A folder with Data representing a sample of data set to gulp data
Data Encription

End-to-end security and compliance.

Any data you submit, including samples and backups held in escrow, are treated with an intense focus on security. We adhere to the strictest global standards and can comply with additional company-specific requirements upon request. Your data is stored in a fully encrypted form and is never mixed in any way with other client data while vaulted. All agreements and processes are designed with client rights, privacy, and security in mind.

Data Escrow Agreement through integrity checks.

During onboarding, initial consistency and integrity tests are performed on the full dataset to make sure the valuation is accurate. Our proprietary client software is then added to your local environment to process daily health checks and escrow snapshots. Gulp Data’s vault is designed to protect your data from anyone — even us — through the entire lending lifecycle.
Data Analysis
Flow for releasing data, or licensing if defaulted.

Fulfillment, release from custody, and default.

After the loan is paid off, your data, including backups and samples, is irreversibly deleted from all custodian infrastructure. In the case of any financial hardship, we work with clients to provide flexible forbearance options.

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