Mergers & Acquisitions

Data Valuation during M&A 

Whether you're buying or selling a business, quantifying the value of a company's data provides insights that impact purchase price and value creation planning.
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Buy-Side Due Diligence

Data Diligence and Data Valuation for Investors

Our data valuation capabilities evaluate a company's data assets and determine the underwritable value. We enable investors to assess data risk, inform data's contribution to enterprise value, and accelerate value creation planning.
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Sell-side Readiness

Articulate Value Potential During an Exit

Quantifying the value of a company’s historically underutilized data assets, as well as articulating the path to realize the identified value, enables sellers to increase purchase price at exit
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RAPID, Secure valuation

Stop leaving money on the table.

Solutions fit within deal timelines and access constraints. Elevate your approach to M&A with data valuation today.