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Data Valuation & Productization

Compare your data against hundreds of thousands of market comps and get your data valuation in days.

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Data Lending

Get pre-approved for a data loan in less than 24 hours and use your Data as Collateral to borrow money.

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Data Monetization

Develop new high-margin data products generating recurring revenue with Gulp’s extensive buyer network.

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How do you determine the value of a company's data?
Instead of determining the worth of your data based on backward-looking measures, we provide the market value of your data based on the revenue you can generate with your existing and available data assets - today. We programmatically compare your datasets (e.g., attributes, records) to comparable data products to develop a bottoms-up, actionable valuation. Our valuations are underwritable - our monetization solutions use the same valuation models that are used for our lending decisions.
What is the process for completing a data valuation?
Our simple process requires limited effort from company team members. The valuation procedure kicks off with a ~5 minute survey to understand your business model and data environment. We then conduct a data valuation via Gulp Data's client-side application. Within one week, we provide the market value of your company's data assets, data product recommendations (with enrichment suggestions), pricing estimates, and a landscape of prospective buyers.
How do you manage security and compliance concerns?
No company data leaves a company's environment. We use a client-side application to run our valuation process and follow leading security practices to ensure your data assets are always secure.
How are data loans different from other lending products?
Data is considered an intangible asset and is not recognized under GAAP accounting standards. It is challenging for traditional lenders to understand and value data, let alone lend on it; however, there is no doubt data has financial worth. Gulp Data offers lending tailored to today’s IP and data-rich companies. Our lending solutions provide non-dilutive financing for companies at all stages across all sectors. Use of capital is typically not restricted to data initiatives, although companies can use the capital to establish a self-funding data platform (i.e., data provides collateral to obtain access to capital which generates returns that cover both one-time and ongoing platform costs).
Do I have to borrow against the value of my data to receive a valuation?
No. We have many clients that use Gulp Data's valuation solution to determine the market value of their data assets and inform pricing and packaging for data monetization efforts without ever intending to borrow against them.