About Us

Gulp Data is leading the data as an asset class movement.

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs with a passion for pushing the limits of what data is capable of.

The origin of Gulp is simple - our CEO ran a company that was generating seven figures a year in data licensing revenue, yet couldn’t get a single dollar of that data onto their balance sheet.

It was that organization’s main source of revenue, but to investors, board members, lenders, and channel partners, it barely existed as an asset with financial value. Data wasn't seen as an asset.

Our mission is to prove that data is a valuable and liquid asset class. 

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses operationally, yet many executives struggle to harness its full potential due to a lack of support systems for valuing, optimizing, monetizing, and borrowing against this invaluable resource. 

GulpData envisions a future where every business, regardless of size, can capitalize on their data to drive success and innovation.

We're committed to being the catalyst for this change, providing the tools, expertise, and support needed to transform data into a cornerstone of business success.

Our storyline

Gulp was Founded late 2021.
Released first ML driven data valuation models.
Began lending using data as collateral to secure loans.
Brought on forward flow partners to expand data lending business.
Started licensing data valuation tech and data escrow tech.
Released portable data valuation app.
Partnered with multiple leading global consulting and accounting firms.
Closed first lending facility for $25M.
Partnered with key data marketplaces.
Activated the data monetization arm.
Partnered with major cloud providers.
Began using the Gulp App to service Data as a Service contracts.