Gulp Data secures your loans using Data as CollateralTM

Reduce portfolio risk and enhance your underwriting by leveraging borrower data assets.


Reduce Portfolio Risk

Secure data assets without conflict or liability

We provide secure storage of data, clear of security risks and bias for both the lender and the borrower.

Monetization through multiple channels

Our network of data resale partners ensures maximum recovery while minimizing impact to a borrower’s operations.

First recovery in as little as 14 days

Because a copy of the dataset is already in escrow, data sale and licensing can begin immediately upon nonpayment.

Enhance your underwriting

Dataset valuation

Gulp Data appraises each dataset using our algorithms and experts to provide an estimate of value based on current  market conditions.

Data monitoring

We provide lenders unprecedented access to data growth trends and insight into a company’s vital signs to predict obstacles before they occur.

Independent custody of collateral under default

Gulp’s vaulting system guarantees an unbiased default process  that protects data asset value at every step of recovery.

Gulp Data provides a turnkey solution to value, escrow and monetize the data collateral in your portfolio.

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