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By recognizing
Data as an Assettm
you will understand:
What your data
is worth
Add Data to your Balance Sheet. Understanding the utility in your data can unlock its potential and increase your business valuation.
How to monetize
your data
Monetizing your data involves leveraging strategic partnerships, data licensing, and data-driven products and services to maximize its value.
How you compare to
your competitors
Assessing the health of your data ensures its accuracy, relevance, and effectiveness in driving business outcomes and growth.
How it’s packaged
Peer scores provide a quality score based on features, depth, age, and overall performance of dataset against other analyzed sets.
Market backed algorithm
Gulp Machine Learning models provide current market comp value of your data assets. We identify attribute-level value drivers.
Revenue and cost models
Estimate the cost of creating, maintaining, and/or obtaining
similar data.
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Gulp's data valuations are accessible to companies of all sizes.
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We weigh metrics like vertical, customer profiles, and data complexity to determine Gulp’s value-add potential.
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Using our client side app, we determine dataset health, quality, value and monetization potential.
Gulp's valuation reports deliver clear, quantifiable results in days to weeks.
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